About The Author

Sonia Kennedy-Brown, an albino and a native of Jamaica, is a Canadian citizen. She is a Registered Nurse (RN) with a Bachelor of Science degree from Northern Caribbean University (then West Indies College) in Jamaica and a Master’s in educational psychology from Andrews University in the United States. She has been a nurse and nursing educator, and is a church leader and public speaker.

Growing up albino was for her about as painful an experience as a young person could endure. The physical disadvantages range from skin problems to visual impairment. But greater are the emotional pain and social impediments. Many people in her community could not see the beauty that was there, only the pigment that was not. Prepare to enjoy Silent Tears: growing up albino—Sonia’s story of suffering and recovery.

“Sonia did not allow her albino status to define her. Courageously she shares the hurt, the pain of social rejection and the ultimate triumph experienced in her journey. Her book Silent Tears inspires singing, joyful living and confidently trusting God no matter what. Finally, Sonia shows that sometimes what brings the most pain in life, can bring the most joy when shared.”

—Dr. Whitford A. Shaw, Retired Pastor.