Albinism not a deterrent - Sonia Kennedy-Brown inspiring men, women and children - Pt 1

Published: Saturday | March 4, 2017 | 3:00 AM Tamara Bailey

They say everyone has a story, and so many of us are dealing with heavy issues that threaten to throw us into the path of insanity.
But according to Sonia Kennedy-Brown, one who has been abused, ignored, and been to hell and back, can either allow the situation to make them or break them.

"My parents had 10 children I was number seven - the albino. It was very difficult, initially, because there were two other albinos in the community and we knew of the difficulties they had. When I was born, my mom cried because she knew what I could go through. Then my brother was born two years later, and she screamed, because she knew what I had gone through for two years, being looked upon."
Kennedy-Brown said the prayers and love of her family kept her while she was home but once she left, it required it a different kind of strength she wasn't sure she had to cope.

"Dundus! Fire! Raw! ... every name you could possibly think of. You know you are despised socially. (As for) The guys at the shop sitting on the wall, I had to walk very fast if my brothers and sisters weren't there to defend me. It brought tears to my eyes."